Balance Patch 2.13


Balance Patch 2.13

By: Ashmore 4 months ago
With the release of Patch 2.13 for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, balance changes were made to two existing cards: Alfiq Conjurer and Luzrah gro-Shar.

Alfiq Conjurer

Luzrah gro-Shar



JackAries 4 months ago
Of course. I make a deck around Namira cards, you nerf them into the ground. I make a deck around Alfiqs, you nuke them and Luz.
This is annoying.

I just made a deck focused on card stealing. So when can I expect the inevitable nerf to Miraak and Euraxia?
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IN-SITU 4 months ago
Dude, as James Gibson said, it's not because you have a good win rate with Luz and Alfiq that they are nerfed no. but only because AAAAAAAALL the gamers say that they are overpowered together, so the "nerf" is justified. That's all : )
JackAries 4 months ago
IN-SITU I know, it's just irritating to have cards change like this. If they need to be nerfed they shouldn't have released them in their current state to begin with. It's not like we're using some weird exploit they couldn't foresee, right?
Are you serious? You literally just argued that "cards need to be perfectly balanced upon release". Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds? Yeah sure, let's never balance cards and just let the game be horrible cancer most of the time rather than think of things you can change to make the game more fun for everyone. You weren't even inconvenienced, everyone gets a full refund for all these cards. I seriously don't know what your problem is.
JackAries 4 months ago
I don’t like change and inconsistencies, obviously. Especially when I get used to something. And calling a card “a horrible cancer” is a little bit of an overstatement.
Derwydd 4 months ago
Of course we make decks around the best strategies, and if they need to be nerfed obviously it's one of our best ones. I know it sucks but are you really surprised? Do you think they didn't need nerfing?
JackAries 4 months ago
Derwydd, not particularly. As someone who played them a lot I can tell you there were a LOT of ways to kill them. I was on the receiving end a lot; watching my Alfiqs die lol. The synergy between the two nerfed cards still needed a decent amount of pieces to come together. You had to have an atronach in your discard pile, both cards in hand, and have enough magicka to play Luz and Alfiq in one turn, cause Luz almost always gets hard removal immediately. And if you're trying to go for the Necromancer combo you need five different cards for it. And then it's still susceptible to lethal and removals. So a one time +2+2 buff to the played cards for 8 magicka doesn't seem OP when you have things like Divine Fervor for 5 magicka that lasts the rest of the game. Like the Market combo back in the previous meta there's always workarounds, like in rock-paper-scissors. Alfiq is a super strong card, but that's why it's legendary. Now, I don't exactly want a power creep in the game either, but I think it's often that players would rather nerf a card than find a strategy to beat it. I can understand the Luz nerf when used with Alfiq consuming an atronach, but the nerf means she isn't very playable now with other non-Alfiq cards. Kinda puts her in a niche she wasn't supposed to be in. And the Alfiq nerf seems odd because it's not a significant enough of a nerf to make a big difference but the stats could have been evaluated before release to determine if they were too high. So my complaint isn't exactly with the changes as much as it feels like handicapping players who found a good strategy. Like the Namira nerfs. My original comment was more in the vein of eye-rolling rather than indignation but people seemed to get emotional over it.
LOL JackAries, of course you made a deck around Luzrah and Alfiq, everyone playing the game did. It's a BS overpowered card. I have been playing a steal mage deck for a long time, it's a fairly balanced deck so I dont see it getting nerfed.
abybob 4 months ago
both still totally playable no one is getting put in the mantikora corner by this patch great way to go
IN-SITU 4 months ago
JackAries wrote:
IN-SITU I know, it's just irritating to have cards change like this. If they need to be nerfed they shouldn't have released them in their current state to begin with. It's not like we're using some weird exploit they couldn't foresee, right?

I can image than during the creation of some cards the team didn't think the power level of some of them and when everybody playing blue dominate the meta with Alfiq (and Luz together) maybe there are new balancing to do. it's not surprising
Azelios 4 months ago
Ah JackAries, you just seem to have a talent for spotting overpowered cards. A gift that probably makes you quite successful, so I wouldn't complain that much.
Personally, I just started using Alfiqs AFTER the patch. When the nerf was announced, I quickly crafted a full set, yelling "yay, free legendaries!"
And I can confirm that they are still very good.
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JackAries 4 months ago
I did the same just before the Dawnbreaker nerf lol. Yeah, the nerf didn’t do much; in fact the health decrease mostly put it in range of other blue actions, and blue decks are probably running Alfiqs themselves.
This patch is so fucking broken.
So murkwater witch and general tullius I have seen this happen. The card they generated(Curse, colovian trooper) is shown to the opponent
(me in these cases)
So when a curse is generated from murkwater I see that as your opponent, Tullius colovian troops too, my problem is that those generated cards show everything from stats to cost AND ANY CHANGES to stats and cost the creatures show to the opponent any rally effects they gain, any spells show any empower scores if it gains a ward or lethal in hand as your opponent I see that plain as you do and this is ALWAYS, I always see the cards in your hand that were generated in game
The fact I can ACTUALLY SEE A CARD IN YOUR HAND, but not only that, I CAN SEE THE RALLY EFFECTS EMPOWERS AND STATS, if it gains war I see that. This is so absurdly broken its unbelievable. Undo this change. it's stupid to think I cant remember a card myself.
Keep in mind this is right in the patch notes. Intended change.
This is just so dumb it needs to be changed back right now
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You're an even bigger dumbass than the other person here. This patch makes it easier to focus on strategies based on board states since it allows known cards to be shown. It's information that's publicly available and games should NOT be decided on who has a better memory.
jonaduckhead 4 months ago
To the voiceless: The fact I can see your nord firebrands after you play the raiding party isnt the problem.. your knight of gnisis giving them rally buffs that "i" as in your opponent can see in your hand is. I already knew it was there because I remember it. A randomly applied effect like rally isnt random if the effect is known and easily played around

This change is a net loss to the fun imo.
Yes I understand that people sometimes forget the firebrand and it's annoying when you do and lose to it. But seeing that the nord firebrand is now a 0 cost territorial viper because of a card effect giving him lethal is broken and it telegraphs way too much of your opponents strategy and hand.
Games will never be won only conceded from
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JackAries 4 months ago
Agreed. Memory is part of the skill and strategy. Remembering Firebolt or Steel Daggers or Firebrand in your enemy's deck is part of the skill required to ply well. Making it easier for people with short term memory loss is just penalizing others for playing well lol.
DK Swiss 4 months ago
I play on mobile and always forget to try and see this but do rally buffs show which card they hit? I remember this being super obvious in hearthstone and if you knew where his firebrands were then you would know they had been buffed but for me it’s hard to see which card it hits.

I think I’m this case the devs went with: if the info has been revealed we will make it known to both players.
'Dear game devs,

Scissors is OP and needs nerfing, rock is fine and balance.


^^^the comments -__-
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