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endurance intelligence midrange
By: MightyGorgon
agility intelligence Last Gasp
By: MightyGorgon
intelligence willpower control
By: MightyGorgon
intelligence willpower aggro Hexmage (super budget friendly)
By: MightyGorgon
willpower strength control
By: MightyGorgon

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ON  Thread - Season reward: Smuglers Haul - AGAIN 7 months ago +2
Same here.

Anyway, as far as I know, rewards are not affected by the rank within the legend rank.
ON  Thread - JustinLarson brings the YouTube9 months ago +1
Great vids, well done, thanks!
ON  News - New Card Revealed: Corsair Ship and Corsair1 month ago Edited 1 month ago   +2
Congratz for the reveal-possibility, it is a nice acknowledgement of all the work done on this site!

I love pirates, nice to see such flavorfull card! I hope it will be viable (probably in some kind of token Mage, weapon Battlemage or aggro Battlemage approach)!
ON  News - Letter From the Devs - November 20166 months ago Edited 6 months ago   +1
All of them are reasonable (though the Nahkriin, Dragon Priest will never see play anymore, which is a bit too much imo). Can't wait to see how the meta will change...
ON  Thread - First Time Legend *happy*9 months ago Edited 9 months ago   +1
I also have arrived in the club yesterday, congratz to everyone else too! Playing since 2-3 weeks, first reached rank1 in Solo Arena, then grinded for a 7-win Versus Arena run, and now reached legend. New aim: rank1 in Versus Arena!

Question: will we get anything to remember that we reached legend (ex. card back)? And will your profile show it as a best-ever rank in the future month?
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