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ON  Deck - [Top 10 Legend] Creature prophecy mage!2 years ago +5
most cancerous type of deck in the game, hope devs nerf it to the grounds. some much rng is disgusting, i dont like hstone and i dont want tesl to become one
ON  Deck - Petamax abomination1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
added a pair of swindlers market and its sick, you should try it. its so fun to play. i dont need to hit them at all

ON  Deck - Fast Archer - Meta Snapshot Edition2 years ago +1
jarls are not necessary?
ON  Deck - Climb to Legend // Cruce a Leyenda2 years ago 0
muy buen mazo y ademas muy barato. tienes algun consejo para el mulligan?
ON  Deck - Counterfeit Crusader2 years ago 0
i havent noticed how good shadowfoot is until now, solid deck btw
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