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intelligence willpower GTO_Shenanigans Altar Mage
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strength agility Legend Forge Archer
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willpower strength Prophecy Forge Crusader - Legend
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ON  Deck - Prophecy Forge Crusader - Legend2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   0
I agree. It made it possible to lose to any green deck that hit too many baroness if you don't hit forges. I switched out dragons for gristlehides and added in rapid shots a while ago. I've updated the list to reflect my latest changes.
ON  Thread - New automatic deck tracker (no manual data entry)2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   0
I checked out your github. It looks like you're under GPL-3.0 but I didn't see the source code for the project. Even the zipped source-code folder in the releases is only the readme and your decktype algorithm.
ON  Deck - Legend Forge Archer2 years ago 0
I'm playing it between 20-50 legend
ON  Deck - Legend Forge Archer2 years ago 0
I play an attrition style. I generally don't need to break supports because forge outvalues them. The large guard and card draw are great... It's just a stickier minion.

And I have a personal grudge against belligerent



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