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ON  Deck - Rank 1 Legend - August 2017 Battle Mage 1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Hi, great deck!

How important here are 2 copies of Withered Hand Cultists? Is it wise to craft 2nd Rider instead of 2 Cultists?
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ON  Deck - Legend #1 - SkullCollector's Sorcerer (End/Int)2 years ago +1
How this deck is compared to mage control? Better in overall or still mage is the stronger one?
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ON  Deck - shout scout1 year ago +2
thanks! I just sent you private message, thank you in advance for the reply.
ON  Deck - shout scout1 year ago +2
emikaela wrote:
well, it's the centerpiece of this particular build, but you can certainly play other variants of control scout. try building around namira's shrine, fleeting apparition and/or tullius' conscription instead.

edit: RiverYowie brought an interesting build doing just that, perhaps look to this for inspiration:

Let say, I have resources to craft 3 copies and I think I will do :)

how is your scout against control mage (Blackfall's tribunal version)?
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How is this deck against Control (Blackfalls) Mage or Sorcerec?
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