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willpower strength CC - The Ventral Terminus (Master)
By: Empiro
willpower strength CC - Halls of Regulation (Master)
By: Empiro
willpower strength CC - Brass Fortress Market Square (Master)
By: Empiro
intelligence Laaneth
By: Empiro
intelligence willpower NOTEHOLLOW (MASTER) AUTOWIN
By: Empiro

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ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #16 months ago +4
What "Drains on both turns" means? She drains when someone hits her?
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ON  News - October 2018: MONTHLY REWARD: Altmer Dragonknight8 months ago Edited 8 months ago   +5
They gave me Blackwood Distillers instead of this new card..

UPDATE: After update they also gave me Altmer Dragonknights
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ON  News - Import Collection from the Game5 months ago +2
Thanks for the integration!

Is it possible to show difference since the previous import? I.e what cards were added/removed.
ON  Deck - Budget Farming(commons/rares) 91,3% Winrate/Guide1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Actual winrate is about 50/50. Some loses was on edge though. So or you very lucky with your 90% wins, or devs changed decks, or I'm unlucky..
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ON  Deck - [90% winrate] **DOS control** = DestroyOrSteal v2!11 months ago +2
Fun, but no more. Actual winrate was about 50% for me.
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