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endurance agility PVE - Accuse Varlyn (Master) Budget deck
By: LoganES
endurance agility Mire Mechanica (Master-Decent Budget)
By: LoganES
agility intelligence PVE - Eclipse Hideout - SNEAK (Master)
By: LoganES
agility intelligence PVE - Silverhome on the water - Back Room (Master)
By: LoganES
strength endurance Aela's Companions
By: LoganES

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ON  Deck - Slay Archer (9-1 Rumble)1 year ago +1
Great deck indeed. I was thinking to replace Protector of the Innocent with Sanctuary Pet. I think that 3 more lethal can be good... and a shackle is like a guard.... and Protector is nearly useless with 7 or more mana while SP can be used to destroy things with Gambit and crossbow dor a 2+1 (one shackled and one destroyed....).

Tell me know what do you think about it :)
ON  Deck - Always Control Mage - 9/9 Win Rate and More...1 year ago +1
Probably there is something to change... after mage it's impossibile to go, the other deck (scout, dragon, etc) are all better.
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #61 year ago +3
Yes. The write said "then", so after the first, only if it survived, battle the second one.

It's a good card, but too expensive... probably a 6 cost was much better...
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #131 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Crushing Blow is now usefull only to face the player...
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ON  Deck - Orc Warrior low cost2 years ago +1
I played Magic for years. Legends is really different but the idea of deck is similar. If you have a deck with 40 different cards, rprobably you can play a lot of games with different cards everytime. Instead, if you have a deck with 15/20 different cards, you can play the deck in the same way every single time... i don't know if i explained well...



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