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intelligence willpower Control Mage 2x Legend
By: Infernal_Wisdom
strength agility Dragon Archer
By: Infernal_Wisdom
endurance intelligence T1 Dwemer Sorcerer
By: Infernal_Wisdom
willpower strength I'm a [cencored] Giant Slayer b. !!!
By: Infernal_Wisdom
agility intelligence Mastermind Control Assasin
By: Infernal_Wisdom

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ON  News - New Card Revealed: Corsair Ship and Corsair2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +6
actually strenght has 2 mana +1/0 support buff for all strenght creatures,
so 2 mana extra for 1/1 token seems not that good, but(!)

with this card you can actually play an item oriented battlemage

Rihad battlemage
> Auto 4/6 with guard
Rihad horseman
> Auto 6/2 with breaktrough
Alik'r Survivalist
> Auto 5/5
Dragonstar Rider
> Auto Draw a card
Whirling Duelist
> Auto Deal 1 damage

And also this card is good in blue since blue has no good support cards currently (Summerset orrery, mages guild retreat, dark rift, elixir of deflection) and this new support is not as bad as these old supports so it increased current strenght of mono blue decks either.
ON  News - First Gauntlet: Rumble, June 10-122 years ago +3
In my first run, as I expected, I encountered too many innocent new players who entered gauntlet http://imgur.com/a/tV5Ag

I wish if developers would find a way to distribute rewards more just,
Right now, as I say, it is too elitist.
To keep gauntlet exist and become a part of game, distribution should be changed.

One of my opponents even played a non-upgraded card against me...
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ON  Deck - Control Mage 2x Legend2 years ago +1
HTMLd00d wrote:
Zzz... why assassin x100500 win in proof? i think dat deck cnt reach legend(

Don't get me wrong but...I don't have to prove something or I don't need someone to believe
and one more thing, decks won't reach legend(unless there is something clearly broken), but players do.

normally I wouldn't answer against such attitude but I will update my decklist in its current form, it will be better in current meta for sure, but don't expect same win rate since meta shifted greatly, still a good player can reach legend "for sure" with control mage.
ON  News - First Gauntlet: Rumble, June 10-122 years ago +3
The Prize Distribution is so elitist, I am not talking verbal only, I deeply and matematically analyzed it and from my perspective the distribution should be changed to encourage all players. I expect casual players will enter since it is a new mode, but after having a couple of 1-3s and 0-3s they will not enter this mod again, and this mod will be not profitable even for good players when low winrate players leave this mod.

Please take my words as words of a player who is caring about game instead of a doomsayer, since I speak the truth, I am highly happy that developers opened a way for new players to farm collection in a less random place than arena, but I think this way need to be improved.
ON  News - New card revealed: Stalking Shadowscale2 years ago +4
because it changed a while ago, new rule: montly reward cards are revealed while 5 days remaining to end of season, cheers!



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