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ON  Card - Nahkriin, Dragon Priest1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +3
What if you draw the Lesser Ward as your next card, lol? This is not a good behavior for a unique legendary card.

P.S. Blue creatures are actually known for this: Summon a X/X creature, which costs 2X magicka and does some random stuff upon summoning. After that you are left with weak creature that dies the next turn. I'm looking at you, Shocking Wamasu, or Fate Weaver, or Ash Servant, or whoever else follows the same pattern.
ON  Card - Lightning Bolt1 year ago +3
It's expensive. But when you pull it as a prophecy, it's totally worth it.
ON  Card - Breton Conjurer2 years ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
I freakin' LOVE this card! It's awesome! It's easily my favorite card in the Blue deck (and probably in the entire collection).
You can smash into creatures and then cast Lesser Ward (or use Elixir of Deflection, or summon Wardcrafter), and then do it again, and again, spamming Atronachs like crazy.
Having Conjuration Tutor on the field induces even crazier smashing.
And if you fear it might be Cursed, or Suppressed, or Executed, you can target conjurer with your own Firebolt.
I highly recommend to have 3 of them in all of your Blue decks
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ON  Card - Night Talon Lord1 year ago +2
This is one of those cards that end the game the next turn they are summoned. You either are able to quickly finish off your opponent, or you are totally screwed.
ON  Card - Brutal Ashlander2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +3
The best regular 1-magicka creature in Blue deck. The fact that it's Last Gasp ability does damage not only to creatures, but to heroes as well, sometimes makes opponents waste valuable Curse, or Suppress, or Execute early in the game. So when you pull out your Breton Conjurer later, they have nothing to respond with.



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