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endurance agility Dragon Ramp Scout
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agility willpower Quest - Pilfer
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endurance agility Dragon Ramp Scout 1.2
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willpower strength Versus AI
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ON  Thread - Started Thread: How to know what booster packs to get next: Cards and Gems Calculator1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +3
Ever wondered what booster pack to get next? I made something just for that.

Its just a little spreadsheet in which you input the number of cards you own from each set and rarity, and get the owned gems percentages for each set and a recommendation based on those (apart from some other data).


>>> Go to this link and make your own copy to modify it <<<

It's been useful to me, and i hope it'll also be useful to the community.

edit: to get the collection numbers in the first place, use universal deck tracker‚Äč + collection importer/manager in this site.
ON  Thread - Started Thread: Feature request: Twitch Drops continuous survey.1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
The idea would be a new tool in which users can enter a choice once a day the drop they got that day (a basic menu with 3 options being 600 gold, 1500 gems, 1 legendary pack).

The data is collected and can be consulted as in last day, week, month.... drop rates:

(these are my real total drop percentages just because)
Last week:
600 gold : 54%
1500 gems : 17%
Legendary : 29%
Total votes : 974

Last month:
600 gold : 51%
1500 gems : 17%
Legendary : 32%
Total votes : 4127

As for implementing it, maybe with 3 counters per day(or week if daily would be too resource consuming), and just do a rolling sum of the last 7 or 30 days for showing the data(or last 4 or 52 weeks if counters would be weekly).

Just an idea that has been in my head for some days, there you go. Thanks even if you don't implement it, great job running this!

ON  Thread - Is the app on android for this site?1 year ago 0
the app itself states it has no relation with the site.
ON  Thread - Started Thread: Feature Request: Separate per Set on Collection tab in User profile.1 year ago 0
Right now the completion percentage, card count and dust to complete is just for every card in the game put together.

If i could see how completed my base set is and how completed Heroes of Skyrim is i could decide on what are the best boosters to get next.

So we could have sections for Base , HoSkyrim, dark brotherhood(or just adventures), and promotional, and then the regular general card count, percentage, dust left... section we now have.

Thanks a lot for your awesome work.
ON  Thread - Feature Request: Separate per Set on Collection tab in User profile.1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
That is really nice! You're awesome. I was really impressed with your response and implementation time!
I wonder if you could add a percentage next to the owned/total like so:

Core Set
Common: 309/354(87%)
Rare: 208/303(69%)
Epic: 96/318(30%)
Legendary: 30/104(29%)
Total: 643/1079(60%)

It would also be cool to know the already owned cards dust value, the same way as the already shown Dust to complete, and a percentage for the owned cards dust value.

Again, my gratitude for making our lives easier and helping this awesome community.



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