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ON  Deck - Lethal Archer (Legend top)1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
I removed a Baroness and Shearpoint Dragon to add 2 Cast Outs. These seem to be quite important against Ward-heavy decks.

The deck I'm having a hard time against is Praetorian Commander. What can you do once they hit the first one? Kill as many creatures as you want, they always seem to be able to make more, and this deck runs out of steam a bit.
ON  Deck - Prophecy Battlemage1 year ago 0
Won 12 games straight. Then lost the next 15 in a row. Looks like everyone's metagaming this one now.
ON  Deck - Skyrim Cycle Archer (2x top 5 legend)1 year ago 0
I've been playing this deck, but I'm stuck at 3. I find that the deck stalls against any sort of control (or just heavy guard) strategy, because Spinner is the only way to sidestep guard blockers. I feel like the deck needs a slight bit more card draw and breaker elements.

I've made a few changes, but still, the deck feels like it needs something more. I swapped out the Taskad for an Elena Belloch, and traded Slayers out for Cast Outs. The deck is fine against aggro, and can easily win a race, but with the stalls against control, this doesn't feel like a top legend deck yet.



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