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endurance agility CVH's Control Ramp Scout
By: Helrik_Donovan
strength endurance CVH's Reanimator Control Rage Warrior
By: Helrik_Donovan
willpower strength CVH's Token Crusader (Latest Version)
By: Helrik_Donovan
endurance agility CVH's Ramp Scout (Latest Version)
By: Helrik_Donovan
willpower strength CVH's Aggro Monored Crusader (With Aldora)
By: Helrik_Donovan

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ON  Deck - CVH's Midrange Sorcerer With Galyn (Outdated)6 days ago Edited 6 days ago   +1
Custays wrote:
Is this deck successful in ladder?
It depends on your rank in ladder. If you are at low ranks it is successful. At the top and legends ranks, ther are stronger decks than this one
ON  Deck - CVH's Budget-ify #18: Paarthurnax's Roar2 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +1
Booga Pnakotus wrote:
When you say "budget-ify", does that mean it is upgraded with low cost cards, or is a cheaper (ie: downgraded?) version of the deck that is available from the ingame shop?
Normally, "budget-ify a deck" means to downgrade it, removing all legends and epic cards, and replacing them with common or rare cards to obtain a cheaper version, that still works properly.
But in this special case, budget-ify a deck available from the ingame shop means to obtain a stronger version, removing all the bad cards and replacing them with better common or rare cards.
ON  Deck - CVH's Token Crusader (Latest Version)2 weeks ago Edited 2 weeks ago   +1
MetalVez wrote:
Is there a possible replacement for the Rift Thane?
Rift Thane is a two drop creature, that gains +0/+2 and Guard, if you have less health than your opponent, otherwise it gets +2/+0 and Breakthrough. So, you can certainly replace it with Morkul Gatekeeper, which is an excellent three drop creature, whith Prophecy, Guard and Summon: give a creature +2/+0.
ON  Deck - CVH's Aggro Monored Crusader (With Aldora)1 week ago +3
I certainly agree with you. It doesn't work properly.
ON  Deck - CVH's Midrange Sorcerer Experiments - Frost Giant2 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +2
Why don't you try to farm 300 soul gems every day in pve? In expert mode, you need to win only 20 games and it can take you about 2 hours. You can certainly craft at least one legend every 4 days. By 12 days you will gain 3 Frost Giant.



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