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~Slay Them All~ [#127 legend] Combo Redoran|2/2019
By: Mr.Socrates
[Legend] Hlaalu Meta Crusher ft. Turn 1
By: Mr.Socrates
[Legend] Tribunal Meta Crusher ft. Altars
By: Mr.Socrates
[Legend] Tribunal Meta Crusher ft. Altars
By: Mr.Socrates

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ON  Deck - ~Slay Them All~ [#127 legend] Combo Redoran|2/20192 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +2
Yes the card draw is really relevant here. Right now I'm playing with 3*Stand Watch which is the best draw option that doesn't lower your WR against aggro decks. The thing is I'm testing other decks at this moment so I can't tell you any representative outcomes.
ON  Deck - Ward Tempo Telvanni1 year ago +2
Cool deck at rank 5 EU. Win rate is something above 60%
ON  News - Import Collection from the Game3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +1
Thanks! Now it would be great to have a functioning Deck Tracker :- (
With statistics and stuff; all the realeased Deck Trackers (either UDT or WabbaTrack) they don´t work
ON  Deck - The cult of life and death (full guide esp/eng)3 months ago +2
Ha! awesome deck man. You got nearly the same as mine. I got #127 legendary with it: https://www.legends-decks.com/deck/56615/legendary-combo-redoran-ft-slay-february-2019
ON  Deck - ~Slay Them All~ [#127 legend] Combo Redoran|2/20191 month ago Edited 1 month ago   +1
Hey there Mourgan! Yes its harder now :-) But its still cool deck and Im still amazed that often it wins on ladder :-) But im not sure if I can get it to legends this month with this. If you get to legends with this, tell me please-please ; -)



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