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endurance agility Scout Ramp Dragon.(None Alduin)
By: Cookies Nom

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ON  Deck - Scout Ramp Dragon.(None Alduin) 1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
This was just what I had at the time of making the deck. I've already made a few alterations similar to what you are suggesting. I removed the shearpoints and the little girls for Roots and Werebats. Sadly only have 1 of the BML Was going to update the deck list and if you see anything else that you might make changes too let me know. I don't have Giant snakes, and where I see they are useful I'm enjoying the draw power from the shadow shift, it's honestly saved me a few times. As for the Necklace, I don't know what to replace it with among the cards I have atm. The current version of the deck should be updated here now.
ON  Deck - Scout Ramp Dragon.(None Alduin) 1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
To be honest the only deck I've seen to be running into an issue with is Control Mage, and even then it hasn't been too big a threat to me. Taking into consideration I probably haven't played anyone really with "pro" label to their name only time I see a game go against me is when I make a misplay myself. I can see replacing a TGR for that last Baroness. Or possibly dropping the WKS's for Baroness + Leaflurker. I feel the draw/cost less has helped me more then hinder me. And possibly the STN for another Werebat?

ON  Deck - Skyrim Cycle Archer (2x top 5 legend)1 year ago 0
Simple. You don't. Lol.



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