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ON  News - Clockwork City Card Reveal #21 year ago +4
This will be just a tech card.

Most decks on the meta don't interact with the discard pile, making this a slow 5/5 body.

Soul Tear, Defiler, and Skeleton Dragon (more due to supporting the other 2 with buffs) deserve this. But way more cards don't.

Scout may still be able to put pressure enough making that play costly. And this will be valuable in the late game, where pressure can be too high already.

Items if there are too many items on the pile, it will not be able to put that much pressure, making this real punishing, if they also get Journey denied, may well self-fatigue.

Stealer OTK is too reactive, very unlike to have pressure on board, but adding up value on discard is slow. This may be an easy win condition murderer here.

IMHO, the biggest offender may even be the less punished with this.

But this is also one card where the majority is yet to be revealed, so many things can change untill we see the full set.
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ON  Deck - Tribunal Control - Detailed Description 6 months ago +4
Trying it.

Made some adjustments:

Moose out_ Meta is too aggressive, and without the runes Wilds Incarnate is a bad stated guard for it's cost. Experimenting with Apex Wolf, it stabilized some games, many times not the wolf itself but the creature where is last gasp fell. But undying dragon maybe a better option.

Night Mother: Won me a game, but doesn't fit this deck's plan. Slot open for Miraak, IMHO the signature late game guy for any yellow control.

I don't like the shout package, except Soul Tear. Both fire and aspect to expensive for early game, and on curve may already have little reach. Word Wall could help, but needs to be in hand early when holding a shout too, those synergies are a bit of a long shot for a 75 card deck. IMHO better reinforce the 1 mana removal. Shrieking Harpy also a must, no doubt the cheapest lifesaver this game has.

Love the lords, both BML and NTL, maybe too greedy, but are fun as f... so sticking with them.
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ON  News - August 2017: Monthly Reward: Pure-Blood Elder1 year ago +1
Thanks for the quote, but that was actually a sarcastic comment.
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #61 year ago +2
Only decent if drawn with TGR. And still not impressive.

Great token killer that may come a turn too late against it. May work with forge, but forge is only playable in slow matchups, may even be hard to find a reliable target for one shot, the second will be unlikely, most creatures will be out of reach by then.

Right now, not that impressive. Only good in very conditional scenarios. Unless something incredible is released, will barely see play behind early experiments.
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #71 year ago +1
Dragon is cool, will probably not make my dragon monk top tier, but definitely a goo upgrade for it.

The other thing... RIP non-purple late game decks... Even more!



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