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[#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire
By: Thuldir
agility intelligence [Masters Qualifier 1st place] Burn Assassin
By: Thuldir
[30-0 Match History] Mid-Rage Guildsworn
By: Thuldir
[Masters Qualifier 1st place] Aggro Daggerfall
By: Thuldir
[Warpmeta #49 1st place] Fervor Control Tribunal
By: Thuldir

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ON  Deck - [Masters Qualifier 1st place] Burn Assassin3 months ago +14
No need to insult someone! And it is definitely not that easy to get a 20 game win streak with the deck. Most aggro decks run 3x Withered Hand Cultist and many control decks try to tech against this deck with a lot of healing and support removal, sometimes Hallowed Deathpriest as well. Considering that getting 20 wins in a row is actually quite impressive.
ON  Deck - [#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire2 months ago +4
I've answered this question earlier in the comment section already.
ON  Deck - [#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire3 months ago +7
Don't feed the troll! He's a well known Reddit troll and if he wants to close out the game at 10 magicka as a conscription deck, he is definitely doing something wrong ;)
Renegade10 wrote:
@ GunterNine - Which begs the question why you're trying to play aggressive with slow cards. This deck can’t really be anything than what it is.. a late game deck. you may get lucky and find all the right aggro cards early but then.. a camel on turn 10 when you need to close the game.

For the Assassin matchup there is a ton of support removal and creature removal, so they can't play out their combo pieces early. There is a lot of life gain to heal out of range and force them to use their 0-costs to deal with the healing, so they rarely can otk from hand. Yes, sometimes they highroll and kill you from hand on turn 5-8 with 0 interaction. But I built this deck very much with Market Assassin in mind and it turned out to be a good matchup for me.
ON  Deck - [#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire3 months ago +3
Ebonheart should have the better lategame. I think Empire needs to draw their cards in the right order to stand a good chance.
ON  Deck - [#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire2 months ago +2
If you don't see many supports you can cut the Shadowfen Priest, maybe shave a Revitalizer for the 3rd spot



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