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ON  Deck - New Meta Hype! OTK Item Blue UPDATED1 year ago +1
Only unique legendaries are limited to 1 copy. They have the orange/brown gem in the top-center of the border. Look at a card like Aela or Ancano.
ON  Deck - Budget re-summon mage1 year ago +1
Thanks for posting. Any suggestions to upgrade/enhance the deck as you build up your collection?
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ON  Deck - [Legend] Midrange Archer Meta Killer1 year ago +1
What do you think about Reive instead of Allena? It's a lower curve and she dies to pretty much everything, so you may only get to kill one thing with her.
If not dealt with, Reive can snowball and win the game by himself. He even has reach beyond guard creatures.
ON  Deck - Rage Forge Archer [Legend 220 to 80, 80% WR]1 year ago +1
I use Tazkad. Or if you don't have him another Belligerent Giant might work.
ON  Deck - New midrange archer version1 year ago +1
Curse & Drain Vitality but no Shearpoint Dragon?
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