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agility willpower Soulrest Monk - Legend #27 Mar
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strength agility Alduin Shout - Legend top 30
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Altar Dagoth v2
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endurance intelligence Item Sorcerer - High Legend
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agility intelligence Soulrest Assassin - Legend #27 Mar
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ON  Deck - Soulrest Monk - Legend #27 Mar5 months ago Edited 5 months ago   +2
Awesome glad you like. I have come to what I think is a final version of it for myself. I can comment on your changes.

I don’t like 3 Eastmarch because I never want 2 early on especially against the ring. Same thing with Shadow Shift.. it will often be a dead card in hand and with 2 it will set you back for sure. BH is a prophecy and want to keep it high plus he trades well. I also took out Cutpurse, keeping him alive was too much effort and he doesn’t trade well from prophecy. I would highly recommend snake, it will win games you have no business winning. Thadon is no good because changing lanes is one of the things this deck does to win. Vivic and Hulking Scalon is up in the air, I rarely need them but can be a clutch play.. one things for sure they make huge finishers.
ON  Deck - [#1 March] Control Crusader5 months ago Edited 5 months ago   +1
ToastieNL wrote:

Do you ever run out of cards, Eyenie? It might be me not switching into aggression early enough, but I find myself run out of threats verse Tribunal and I have been considering to add Journey.

Journey? You must be joking. That’s for shit like tokens with conscription.
ON  Deck - Jack the Maniac Legend#7 finish 01/19 currently #17 months ago Edited 7 months ago   +1
This deck has been around forever and HS is still OP. It difficult to win the early game especially against the ring but after that it has no card draw which makes it easy to beat. I also don’t think Manic Jack is that good. 1+1 is all he’s getting. I played him in a Dagoth deck with mentors ring and assains ritual and he is not a game changer. At least not good enough to name your deck after. Far from the best card.

I like mighty conjuring here and I usually end up shackling it waiting for an answer.

I would be including siege catapult since you are wanting to play the field lane exclusively because surprise wards is how you win trades.

You mine as well include STW while it’s OP. The wards will make it that much better.
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ON  Deck - Froggers Fun Atromancer Necromancer Sorc6 months ago +1
I had a similar idea awhile back. I could probably greatly improve on it now
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ON  Deck - Soulrest Monk - Legend #27 Mar5 months ago +1
Updated yet again with 2X Shadowmaster, lots of control decks on the ladder. This is a fun card.



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