Narthalion in a few Words:
I don't have time for long games, so I mostly play aggro or aggressive mid-range. Funny enough though I started out as a control player. Sorcerer is my favorite class, Dagoth my favorite house except I hate Morrowind as an expansion and think we would have been better off without it. I like helping people as long as they're polite.
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endurance intelligence [Legend] Most Optimal Aggro Sorcerer
By: Narthalion
strength endurance All Face Roflstomp Werewolf Pack
By: Narthalion
intelligence willpower [Legend] Mage Does Everything
By: Narthalion
endurance intelligence [Legend] Most Optimal Aggro Sorc 2: Manic Boogaloo
By: Narthalion
strength intelligence [Legend] All Face Roflstomp Prophecy Battlemage
By: Narthalion

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ON  Deck - Blackfall's Tribunal Control - April 20181 year ago +3
I was very excited to see what you were playing this month. Excellent write-up! I'm looking forward to trying it.
ON  Deck - Blackfall's Control Mage - January 20181 year ago +3
I feel like it's a holiday when you post a deck! :)
ON  Deck - [Legend] Most Optimal Aggro Sorcerer10 months ago +1
I'd definitely make room for Manic Jack and the new Reachman, probably dropping Dark Guardian and Shadowscale. I'm experimenting with a few others that I'm less sure about, like the Spriggan that draws you cards when it's targetted with an action. Putting lesser ward on it/having it for Manic Jack is great.
ON  Deck - [Legend] Most Optimal Aggro Sorcerer1 year ago +1
Thanks! If you're missing one Shadowfen, I think you could probably do well with a one of Corrupted Shade. Lucien fits nice with this deck as you will often be forced to trade with guards. It's up to you. I think I would pick Lucien personally.
ON  Deck - [Legend] Most Optimal Aggro Sorcerer1 year ago +1
I suppose either an Indomitable Ordinator, Nahagliiv, or Tel Vos Magister would be good. Probably Tel Vos.



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