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strength endurance Cheap Aggro Warrior
By: jocem009

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ON  Card - The Red Year1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +3
Mage Slayer does survive, because as the text states, it cannot be damaged by actions, and The Red Year deals a damage instance of 10. Direct kills like for example Execution or Dawn's Wrath do not calculate any damage instances, they directly flip the killswitch, therefore also ignoring wards and Mage Slayer's immunity.

ON  Card - Garnag, Dark Adherent1 year ago +4
Ramp Scouts hate him!
ON  Card - Divayth Fyr1 year ago +2
I would happily give my opinion on this card, but I can't waste energy writing for boring people.
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ON  Card - Mudcrab Merchant1 year ago +1
Lovely. Might just so fit in my Hlaalu deck as 1 drop, after all it's Business first, Morals second for this house.
ON  Card - Night Talon Lord1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Running one BML and one of these in my SlayScout, what makes it so good aside from the slay is the drain. My deck is very drain heavy, in about 50% of the games I fall below 10 or even 5 health but from that point stabilize a lot, and this + Ring of Namira make the 2 turn kill more than realistic. Great card for board control, especially since summons trigger on such resummons aswell, comes in handy! If I had to choose between this OR BML, then BML all the way, but if you have both you just gotta put em in.



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