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intelligence willpower Fun Altar Mage
By: charles aznable
strength endurance NECRO-COMBO WARRIOR
By: charles aznable

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ON  Card - Nix-Ox1 year ago +1
nerf this retarded shit please, game is unplayable
ON  News - NEW CARD REVEALED: Siege of Stros M'Kai1 year ago 0
Raven Knight Vincent wrote:
In non-Highlander decks this card is a -1 card advantage, -10 magicka, and nothing else. It checks the start of the game.

I think he knows that, he meant that even if the card wasn't stick to the highlander archetype, the card playability would be arguable.

Still excited about this new "madness collection 2.0" though
Also you can easily restrict the randomness of this card by playing only one support and one object in your deck so i can imagine a lot a good combos will come up with this
ON  News - Import / Export Update7 months ago -1
great, a new tool for netdecking so that there will be even more people playing this stupid thieves den deck on the ladder, hurray!
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