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endurance agility Letal Slayer
By: Imperatrix
agility Sneaky-Sneaky
By: Imperatrix
endurance intelligence Guardian Survive
By: Imperatrix
willpower strength Elixir Pain
By: Imperatrix

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ON  Deck - [#1 Legend] Facial Orcs vs Meta1 year ago +2
It cost just 6 and it's an orc tipe, so work good with that deck, also if things become sticky than have a bonus summon each turn would be great, that card surely survive 2-3 turns
ON  Card - College of Winterhold1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +3
I suppose you didn't get the real effect of this card..also try pair this one with Tower Alchemist that give infinite use to all your support cards..and maybe also with Cauldron Keeper that allow you to use it twice each turn..
Power in this game is nothing without singergy
ON  Deck - [#2 Legend] Ramp Scout1 year ago +1
Weipeng Yang wrote:
nkaers wrote:
Asked myself the same question...
And what about Ungolim? He was in every deck too...
This will "Dilute" your deck and maybe you will miss important draws.

why miss some draw? that card cost 1 to play and give you 3 cards that cost also 1 with 3/3 and letal..also when summon those will draw you a card, it's just a draw that cost 1 magika and will grant you a very good card meanwhile filling the field
you need to be at least rank 9 to get one copy of that in pvp mode at the end of the month. rank 9 give 1x and also 100 gems
ON  Deck - Control Mage (top 5 legend)1 year ago +2
Lydia it's a very nice guard that can mess things up for your enemy, if short of units or spell to one shot it you may also have unit to end the game but oops on the wrong side of the field and can't do anything. She is really a smart card, need to play her whisely



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