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ON  Article - A Soul Trapping Guide by Eon (13/3/17)1 year ago +1
Vigiliant Giant is already Tier 2, which is as powerful as tier 1 and 0, but just not played much, if he sees more play he's def a tier one card.

I haven't seen Plunder be played at all, and while it looks like it might have potential, I can't recommend a keep right now.

The Orc cards would all be good if Orcs were good, unfortunately that is far, far from the case at the moment, and it doesn't look like its going to get better anytime soon.

Shornhelm Champion is a great value card, its just simply too slow atm though, it's very possible he'll see a move up once the meta shifts.

Fearless Northlander is just a great value minion, it frequently competes with Withered Hand Cultist in red lists, but the lists that want spells will take this everyday instead. 5 Health is also extremely relevant against Intelligence burn, which is abound right now.

Gladiator's Arena is an excellent hate card against control mage, and its good reach against slower decks in general too, as in those matchups it burns your opponent and draws you cards by popping your own runes.

Wrothgar Forge was moved up at slw's request. He insisted that Wrothgar Forge does see play in a top legend archer list, so it's currently at tier 2.
ON  Article - A Soul Trapping Guide by Eon (13/3/17)1 year ago 0
Its not a very popular and risky choice in both midrange and token Spellswords, but it does see enough play to warrant a Tier 2 spot I suppose.
ON  Article - A Soul Trapping Guide by Eon (13/3/17)10 months ago 0
This list covers only Epics and Legendaries, Javelin is a Common.



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