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endurance intelligence Post Morrowind Mid Sorcerer
By: Provi
endurance intelligence Dragonic Sorcery
By: Provi
endurance intelligence Volkihar Fledgling (Vampire Roleplay)
By: Provi
endurance agility [Top 10 Rank] Pauper Rumble Crafter Scout
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Midrange Exalt Tribunal
By: Provi

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ON  Deck - Monk's strike Hlaalu, #1 April1 year ago +2
I remember seeing Shadowmaster and Baroness when I played against you. Were they cut or was that a different deck?
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ON  Deck - Post Morrowind Mid Sorcerer1 year ago +2
Bone Colossus has been the single 7 drop in game that pressures your opponent the most and has the ability to close the game out. So it is always a card to craft especially considering many skeleton synergy cards were added.

The value of WKA lies in its ability to hit the shadowlane and stabilize the board, and its follow up slay ability to create another 2/2. But a 4/4 body with a 2/2 guard is not really good tempo for turn 7 for a midrange deck.
BML is great and generates good value but value is not something you look for on turn 9 as a midrange deck.

For replacement, I suggest going for Blackworm Necromancer, or Laneeth to search for Lightning Bolt or Ancano.
ON  Deck - Theorycraft - Mid Dominion7 months ago +1
A deck with decent power level and a cool theme. Very well done.

I tested many games on high legends (top #30). It has ability to play from behind, and resource is not a issue if you can draw your extension. Leafwater Blessing is really strong in midrange mirror grind games. And the synergy with Gambler is quite insane.

I managed to fit in Cloudrest Illusionist and Protector of the Mane, the latter of which I always wanted to play with, and have hopefully found its place in this deck.
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ON  Deck - Post Morrowind Mid Sorcerer1 year ago +1
Congratulations! I'm really happy to hear your story. Will for sure try Almalexia's Disciple sometime.
ON  Deck - Post Morrowind Mid Sorcerer1 year ago +1
Nice. The "heal" shenanigans are generally underused so far. Glad you had success with it! I'll test to find a more exalt oriented version too when I have time.



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