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ON  Deck - Top #220 Legend Monk11 months ago +1
This deck was fun to play, and took me from being stuck at R3 to Legend in about 35 games. I think I only lost about 5 games, but almost every game was a fun come back. I would typically get down to around 5 health before gaining full control, and starting to get back health with Renowned Legate and Bruma. I added 3 Night to remembers which helped with that. Once I would get Legate out on a nearly full board, I'd play night to remember so he flips side and doubles his heal, with Bruma on the board add 2-3 for the extra summons.

If I wasn't desperate for health I'd use it on Mirakk to steal multiple creatures, or if the opponent had a creature with a powerful summon effect like Paarth, Alduin, or Odahviing, I would steal them and then night to remember to trigger their summon ability.

The only losses were where I faced really fast aggro decks I couldn't counter, or a couple slay rage warrior decks.
ON  Deck - CONTROL SCOUT (Top 100 Legend) + Guide1 year ago 0
At rank 3 I'm having serious issues with this deck too. I'll go on a run of 5 and 1 and then lose 6 straight as complete blow outs. If the opponent holds back early or gets a late start, it's easy to come back, but if they have a deck that can lethal by turn 8 or 9, this deck is very draw dependent on the right removal at the right time.
ON  Deck - Cancer Crusader10 months ago 0
So far 2 and 10 at rank 5. Out aggroed 5 games, bad draw twice, and 3 losses to drain monk. Both wins were very close. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, pretty much going face trying to win by turn 7 or so.
ON  Deck - Tier 1 Legend-Deck Mushroom-Tower Control9 months ago 0
This deck is AWFUL in the current meta.

1. This deck fails against aggro decks which are 75% of the current meta in legend
2. Whats the point of goblin skulk with only 3 zero cost cards?
3. Fails against aggro
4. The deck avoids the most powerful cards from each of the 3 attributes for example, drain vitality (which would help with item 5.
5. Fails against aggro
6. If you can make it to turn 7 and the opponent has not broken any of your runes, this deck wins most of its games

My guess is this is a troll hoping people play this garbage so he can stomp on them to climb the ladder ;-)
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ON  Deck - Tier 1 Legend-Deck Mushroom-Tower Control9 months ago 0
Tautologen wrote:
Did you try the deck? It actually works very well.

Absolutely, played from legend 400 to around 1,400. Overall went 4 and 21, really tried to give the deck a solid try, but there's just no way it can win against the current meta reliably without some serious luck as to your opponent drawing a bad hand and or playing poorly.



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