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strength endurance Blood Elder Lucien
By: Glameye Pierrot

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ON  Card - Cast Into Time1 year ago +4
Was not expecting a card this broken to appear in the collection, auto include at least one copy in every willpower deck. Zero downsides.
ON  Deck - Sovngarde rage archer2 years ago +1
Loving this deck only difference is I replaced Brynjolf with Ungolim the Listener IMO it's a much better fit for the deck since it gives 3 overstated 1 cost lethal minions with card draw instead of mediocre drain and an ongoing effect which can only be triggered by itself or two other cards in your deck.
ON  Deck - Think Clockwork Scorpion is bad?!! Guess what!1 year ago +3
Cool deck I'm having fun with it, replaced Thieves Guild Recruits with Scout's reports though since it's something to play turn 1 with no ring and potentially draws 2 instead of 1 when trying to finish your OTK combo.
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ON  Deck - 1 year ago +1
What is the point of Mentor's Ring in the deck? Is it just for the +3/3? To make a bunch of warded firebrands? Seems useless since it synergies with nothing in this deck.
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ON  Deck - Dragon Redux [Crusader] 1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Really liking this deck seems people keep expecting mono red or tokens then they get hit with the dragon train. Made a few changes that are working for me.

-2 Karthspire Scourge and -1 Tyr +3 Clockwork Dragon: Karthspire in most games for me was almost useless you already have 5 triggers for Devour and it's synergy with Arrow storm isn't worth keeping it while Tyr doesn't add much to the deck. Clockwork potentially adds another trigger for Undying is a decent taunt vs agro and is a dragon.

-3 Knight of the Hour +3 Protector of the Innocent: With Clockworks in the deck you have a bigger guard and more potential healing in the same magicka cost bracket so changing them to protectors gives you the same usefulness of a prophesy guard while adding much needed help to your early game.

-1 Grisly Gourmet +1 Devour: Devour for me has always been more useful especially mid to late game and with my final change it loses some of it's combo potential.

-3 Skyborn Dragon +3 Crusader's Assault: You already have 12 dragons with a cost of 6 and under and in my experience that has been more than enough to have good synergy with the rest of the deck's dragon centric cards while still having sufficient removal. Crusader's Assault adds more stable card draw, makes it easier to get favorable trades and can close out games with breakthrough damage.

Well that's my 2 cents would appreciate to hear what you think.
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