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Oh man! I just 7-0ed Chaos Arena! Three packs (1 Skyrim 2 Core) and 210 gold (160 from Arena, 50 for rank up) and a title (the sheograth title thing that says you won a Chaos Arena) woo

...Imagine Ring of Imaginary Might with Portcullis... a 9 magicka 11/11 guard... and Oldgate Warden... a 6 magicka 7/7 Regenerating Guard!? When I have enough gold to buy this Collection, I might be putting the at-first-useless Portcullises and Oldgate Wardens back into my Spellsword deck.
ON  Card - Shadowmere2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +3
That horse just never dies.

It would be interesting to see her gain abilities when summoned with Brotherhood entities, especially Lucien, since she was his steed.

For example, an extra text could be:

Summon: If there are two or more Brotherhood members on the board, Shadowmere gains Drain.
ON  Card - Tower Alchemist2 years ago +5
The support card has 1 charge left because that was the number of charges it had when Tower Alchemist was put in play. It basically just freezes the charge number the moment it is played and the number is only "unfrozen" once Tower Alchemist is killed.

Speaking of which, while playing in ranked (7) Stallion last week, I managed to (slowly) build up my Goldbrand to deal 14 damage with one activation, which killed the Iron Atronach my opponent played (to counter my Nahagliiv I played to shelter my Alchemist, yes I was using Spellsword) and leading him to concede that turn.

I also received the title "The Golden" which I'm pretty sure is only achievable with Goldbrand + Tower Alchemist combo...
ON  Card - Nahkriin, Dragon Priest2 years ago +1
I only played against Nahkriin once, and my opponent, playing him, drew a... Shrieking Harpy with him :-D
ON  Card - Goldbrand2 years ago +4
A beast with a safely-positioned Tower Alchemist, as the Alchemist allows unlimited activations with Goldbrand, increasing damage every time, leading to me dealing 14 damage with a single Goldbrand activation, winning the game, and receiving the title "The Golden". A must have combo in slow control decks: Tower Alchemist + Goldbrand.



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