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endurance agility PAUPER Scout Control [Even better in Pauper]
By: Naeris
endurance willpower PAUPER Spellsword Guard Control
By: Naeris

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ON  Deck - 1 year ago +1
Hi from France !

Great deck man ! Thank you :)

Do you think the last monthly card (pure blood elder) would have a place in this deck ?
We play 9 card that boost magika, maybe there is something to do with it ?

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ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY: Last 26 cards revealed1 year ago +1
The scorpion drain lethal could be usefull in a rage archer.
Nice deck ! thanks for sharing us.

I like the idea of Gristlehide dreugh + the boost of EEC. Draw cards is the thing that really miss to control spellsword.

Do you think mentor of the watch is really usefull ?

Another thing, versus aggro deck we have only 2 execute and no turn 2. Is this enough to hold these deck ?
Don't you think bruma profiter or another turn 2 will be usefull ?

ON  Deck - Cagratouille.deck1 year ago 0
wierd deck name.
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ON  News - New Story Expansion: Return to Clockwork City1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
Memory wraith = Hard counter to journey.

Ratway prospector is too (much ?) powerfull !
Ex : Turn 1, drop ratway prospector. Turn 2, drop crown quartermaster, equip ratway prospector with steel dagger, have a 7/7 on board, deal 7 damage. ratway gain cover. Next... :o
Same strategie with cunning ally on next turn.
Sure it will be play a lot.

The assemble mechanic will open the way of incolor decks or majority incolor card in a deck.

Laaneth will be good for control decks. (Mage deck)
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