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ON  Deck - Become Legend with Pilfer1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
Here's one Expert AI round I recorded today once I was done, because it showed really nice how this deck can turn around an almost lost game (assuming your opponent is either the AI or not too familiar with the synergies).
ON  Deck - Become Legend with Pilfer1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +3
You're probably doing it wrong, as you mentioned. It's actually rather easy to play, unless you've got very bad draws – it just requires some practice (and sometimes thinking around corners).

The basic concept – at least that's how I play the deck:
  • Play Goblin Skulk in one of your first turns, if you can. Once it attacks it's guaranteed to draw one of the Maple Shields (because there are no other 0 cost cards). See below why they're important.
  • Use Blood Pact Messenger in shadow lane to either get free cards (also works great in combination with Monk's Strike and Master of Thieves) or get your enemy to waste action cards they'll be missing against your more powerful cards (I've had Willpower players using Piercing Javelin and Edict of Azura against them).
  • Never play Descendant of Alkosh or Elsweyr Lookout without at least a Maple Shield. This ensures they're not immediately killed by an arrow or Firebolt (and other cheap "deal x damage" cards). If you're playing against decks with silencing, ideally play Harp as well.
  • Play as aggressive as you can (ignoring enemy's creatures) to push your pilfer cards, unless you really have to get rid of something.
  • Monk's Strike can be a life saver even on relatively low damage cards, if the other lane is open for attacks.
  • Even Daring Cutpurse can win the game, if it's ignored or your more powerful cards are removed.

Don't play it in PvP for now, focus on practice games. Play each stage until you can consistently beat them. Right now I'm at around 70% win rate vs. Expert, 95% vs. the lower difficulties. Won 6 out of 8 PvP matches.

General advice:
Don't blindly copy decks and expect them to win. Try to understand them, see whether you have to fill your gaps with crafted cards or whether you can replace them for now. Then go and play it.

Just for information: I'm still missing 2 copies of Descendant of Alkosh and Ahnassi. That's 3,600 soul gems in total!

I've replaced all three with 3 copies of Penitus Oculatus Agent. They're cheaper, but still work like less powerful versions of Ahnassi, often surprising opponents by basically negating that fat guardian they thought stops your attacks.
ON  Deck - Blood Warriors - WEEKLY DECK - Shadow Shifter7 months ago +3
Having lots of fun so far with this deck! 👍

ON  Deck - Takamoro's Legend Vampramp1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Tried the deck and like it so far, although it can be horrible when you keep drawing big cards at the beginning (but that's more or less unavoidable anyway).

Since I'm lacking Gortwog gro-Nagorm, I've used The Night Mother as a replacement, which plays rather nice with Archein Venomtongue (you always have at least one valid target even without rage).

I also agree, the shouts (and Paarthurnax) feel a bit out of place. It's nice to bring other cards back, but then again you've got so many to play with…
ON  Deck - KCBR Imagine Dragons5 months ago +2
They have different goals though. Dark Rebirth is here mostly to replay card's Summon effect, but also to fill your discard with Dragons (e.g. using it on Skeletal Dragon or Spine of Eldersblood). It's not really meant to bring anything back (except to duplicate Alduin, if you can pull it off). Ebonheart Oracle might be a nice addition, I'm still lacking additional copies though. :)


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