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endurance intelligence LEGENDARY! Updated mid sorc
By: Sinnistar
strength intelligence Conjuration Merric
By: Sinnistar
endurance willpower Value ramp
By: Sinnistar
willpower strength Token Crusader's Assault Crusader
By: Sinnistar
endurance intelligence Legendary MidSorc
By: Sinnistar

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ON  Deck - SCOUT MIDRANGE by DAZER (MIMIC IS OP)2 years ago +3
Awesome deck, I just replaced the house kinsman for night shadows.
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Pretty bad against aggro unless you get lucky.
ON  Deck - [#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire1 month ago +1
It is...
ON  Deck - Top 10 Legend Blue Aggro Sorc!3 months ago +2
Really want to fit in catapults before it gets nerfed.
ON  Deck - Top #220 Legend Monk1 year ago +1
Well I did make a few changes. Call of Valors kinda suck (almost always you are the control deck) and gourmets never had any good targets. So running Night to Remember and trying Woodland Lookouts for the 3 drop, can experiment with different 3 drops though. Lookouts usually trade favorably and get occasional heal. Penitus oculatus agent could work instead, or giant bats, eldergleam matron, etc. The 3 slot is flexible but nothing is really good in it.



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