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ON  Deck - Necromancer Uprising (Top 5 Legend)9 months ago +1
This deck is really good and fun to play. I just piloted it to legend without too much trouble.
ON  Deck - Top #220 Legend Monk11 months ago +1
Yeah it is with the nerfed JtS. JtS is basically in there so you don't mill yourself, plus is goes well with the altar.
ON  Deck - Top #220 Legend Monk11 months ago +1
Great deck! I just went 10-2 in rank 1 with this and got to legend. I had to swap out Renowned Legate because I don't have that but it works just fine with Dovah of the Voice instead.
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I've been running a deck with a similar core in rank 1, it is tons of fun. I've been looking for someone to post something like this so that I could find some suggestions for what to tweak about the deck.

The only thing I would suggest adding is Cicero. He has great synergy since he can be used with the cross bow or rage for lots of card draw.
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ON  Deck - Mages Guild Conscription9 months ago 0
Yeah that is a good idea. Unfortunately, I dont have that one yet, but I will try it when I do. Thanks!



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