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ON  Card - Night Talon Lord2 years ago +4
This card's slay function is not interacting properly with Brotherhood Sanctuary (Green - 1 Cost - Ongoing Support - "Creatures with slay effects receive their rewards twice.") I killed a creature and it did not summon more than one copy even though there was space on both sides of my board and my Night Talon Lord got the slay.
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ON  Card - Night Talon Lord1 year ago +3
I still stand by the fact 9 months later that this text is a bit funky however it does actually occur to me now that it says "Summon the slain creature" and not "Summon a copy of the slain creature" This means that the creature killed is being summoned directly not just that card In fact the creature slain does not even go into the opponents discard pile. So technically while unfortunate this wording does make sense.



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