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ON  Deck - Blackfall's Support Mage - January 20181 year ago +4

Was playing aggro and tempo decks and came across people using this exact deck a few times. Was getting my ass handed to me while trying to ladder for about 2 hours straight (was rank 7, the mare), and eventually gave up in frustration.

Then I found the damn deck here. Looked it over- never got far on ladder with control, not my kind of thing, I prefer faster games, but I tried it anyway.

Wow. This deck is savage, had a huge win-streak right off the bat. I somewhat feel it could do with a third Dawn's Wrath, maybe lose one of the Schemer's (I know they're meta but I never use them), but only because of stuff like that one asshat that soul teared his Odahviing a million times and I ran out of removal cards, and I had no Wabba :'(

The 1 cost Elixr's are particularly brutal, never used them before because I thought they were a crap common card, but holy crap it can get you out of a tight spot, especially recalling it with Excavate, like ensuring you can't get OTK'd by a Tazkad or something by spamming health regains when low on health.

Absolutely disgusting and a nightmare to play against, some of my games I was taking so casually I forgot I was even in ranked. Seriously my man, superb work with this.
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ON  Deck - Blackfall's Tribunal Control - April 20181 year ago +7
'Also worth nothing, any breakthrough damage is nullified, such as damage from a Crusader's AssaultCrusader's Assault.' This isn't the only effect this card blocks, Tel Vos Magister's ward blocked my Night Mother damage the other day. I'm beginning to think this card blocks every offensive action in the game, meaning we'll quickly be seeing it in most blue decks.

Fantastic description and terrifying deck, I'm not looking forward to getting crushed by this. +1
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ON  Deck - SPICY AGGRO PROPHECY BM - V2.01 month ago +2
After trying every archetype I could think of, it was this degenerate deck that hauled my ass out of Rank 4 at last. Battlemage has always been a strong deck since it basically pilots itself, and the current meta seems to be no exception.
Made a few adjustments to mine, throwing out the Imbued Minotaur for Blighted Alit, and swapping Fear Totem for Green Pact Ambusher, since I had nothing but bad luck with it (had a game where my hand was just Totem's and Shield Breaker's with nothing to use them on, so opted for more creatures).

I was toying around with some cheaper cards as well, such as Midnight Trespasser, Dagoth Dagger and Crown Quartermaster, potentially as replacements for the non-prophecy cards, but I haven't had much success with them. I might give Crushing Blow or Ice Spike a go, but the question always comes down to what to replace them with.

You may well have the most refined BM deck for the current meta right here.
ON  Deck - Please don't craft it. Unique support deck. 2 weeks ago Edited 2 weeks ago   +6
Entusk wrote:
another combo I love is thieves den with master of thieves, I haven't seen much decks in the leaderboard using it but in my opinion it's op. It's like getting a swift strike on all your creatures in play.

These cards have been in the game for a while and yet this combo has never been good enough to beat out other decks, sadly. I think the main reason is that Pilfer is a very punishing mechanic- you have to play aggressive by hitting face (which gives you opponent more cards and potential Prophecy's), while these two cards form an expensive combo, and any deck going face is going to want to kill the opponent before they have good answers to your combo (if enemy Control deck) or will simply die while you're wasting magicka setting up an expensive combo (if enemy Aggro deck).

Now that there are more cards in the game to help the combo along this might see some play, but my fear is it's sadly still too slow. The only way I can see it happening is in a Token deck, where you first flood the board with Creatures and then play the combo and quickly close out the game.
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ON  Deck - Please don't craft it. Unique support deck. 2 weeks ago +7
Combo'ing Rimmen Siege Weapons with the Pilfer mechanic is genius, very good job with this
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