Rogonoc in a few Words:
Cards currently being powercrept...

Skilled Blacksmith > Redoran Enforcer
Bruma Profiteer > Skingrad Patroller
Circle Initiate, Mage Slayer > Jerall Forager
Covenant Marauder, Relentless Raider > Morthal Watchman
Phalanx Exemplar > Snowhawk Detachment, Tusked Bristleback
Serpentine Stalker, Murkwater Skirmisher > Chaurus
Pure-Blood Elder > Swamp Leviathan

... and I´m not happy about this.
I put all of my soul gems in meme decks instead of meta decks.

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willpower strength Dragon Redux [Crusader]
By: Rogonoc

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ON  Card - Shadowgreen Elder1 year ago +6
Animals are Beast, Fish, Mammoth, Mudcrab, Reptile, Spider and Wolf.
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #81 year ago +2
Hmm I'm not really happy about this powercreep. They should atleast buff Snowhawk Detachment (and Tusked Bristleback too).
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ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #151 year ago +2
Not too spectacular, but a solid card anyway.
ON  Card - Curse1 year ago +2
Constructed: ★★★★✰
- This card can be found in decks that synergize with curses and/or synergize with 0-cost cards. It makes a great combo with Goblin Skulk, Leaflurker and Shearpoint Dragon. Curse can be used as removal, as a ping or it can be used to let you trade favorably. In a appropiate deck this card is really versatile and strong.

Arena: ★★✰✰✰
- Because this card relies on synergizing with other cards, its value in arena is ´meh´. However, when you do encounter these cards during drafting, feel free to draft Curse. If not, you should draft something else.

This is my opinion. You may have a totally different opinion and I respect that.
ON  Card - Lesser Ward1 year ago +1
Constructed: ★★★✰✰
- Lesser Ward synergizes with cards that interact with wards (Daggerfall Mage) or cards that interact with spells (Shimmerene Peddler). Besides that it can be used to trade favorably. It's definitely one of the stronger 0-cost cards. It doesn't see that much play because currently decks favor Wardcrafter more.

Arena: ★★★✰✰
- Put this on a strong minion and you can trade 2 for 1, maybe even 3 for 1. In arena where destroy and silence effects occur less (most of the time), it can function as a strong niche card. However, if you had the choice between this and Wardcrafter, pick the latter.

This is my opinion. You may have a totally different opinion and I respect that.



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