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Scientist and strategist.
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endurance agility CrossRhodes Triple Shout-Scout
By: CrossRhodes
strength agility CrossRhodes Archer Deck
By: CrossRhodes
intelligence willpower CrossRhodes Zoo-Mage
By: CrossRhodes
intelligence willpower CrossRhodes Factotum Mage
By: CrossRhodes
intelligence Blue Budget Action Deck
By: CrossRhodes

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ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #127 months ago +3
Uhm, I don't know if this will be played, except for fun decks. I don't know much about the meta decks up to now but I think it is not worth the effort. Playing a very slow 3/5 for 5 and just hoping for a big hit is a lot of gambling in my opinion.
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ON  Deck - ULTIMATE LEGEND #1 ! TULLIUS CRUSADER3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +1
I have never seen a Kvatch Soldier in a ranked game, but I will definitely give this one a try. Still missing around 500 gems, but I think, I'm gonna invest them here. Looks great.

Question: Why 51 cards?
Question 2: Why no Journey?
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ON  News - New Expansion Teased, First Card Revealed4 months ago +2
Wow, the troll is already a huge monster for Arena. Isn't that a little bit over the top for a rare card? Poor Stonetooth Scrapper. At least it can still be played in orc synergies...
ON  Card - Piercing Javelin7 months ago +4
You always have to be aware of this card before hitting yellows face. A good card from hand, but an absolute turn-around card as prophecy.
ON  Card - Odahviing1 month ago +1
My personal nemesis. Damn I hate this card. I think I have never won a game after this was played.
I really need to get it for myself, so I can try playing it and losing with it so I can stop blaming others for playing this card. But holy s*** this guy is so annoying...



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