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LEGEND 90 (April) Mid-Value Dagoth (W/Description)
By: floWMega
Silent but Deadly Telvanni Midgro
By: floWMega
agility willpower Top 100 Cheap Legend Chanter Monk (W/ Description)
By: floWMega
By: floWMega
HOM Item Telvanni
By: floWMega

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ON  Deck - Oxen1 year ago +1
Not sure about night mother but mundus would be okay. Fighting for the board means you often end up with lanes full of creatures, especially with pathmage and necro. All those keywords will definitely come in handy
ON  Deck - HOM Item Telvanni1 year ago +2
You're right, the deck is fragile and the concept is in the works. Im currently testing a telvanni version that is controlling the game a little better. It includes Arcane enchanter, lute (to negate silences), forsworn looter to draw items and synergize with enchanter, and Black hand messenger is a beast in an item deck for life gain
ON  Deck - Oxen1 year ago +1
No stupid questions here lol. Tutoring is a term used to describe pulling a specific card from a deck. i.e. tutoring a card
ON  Deck - (Ladder) Rage Dagoth Control1 year ago +2
Yeah I've had a couple of those problems. I've gone to three belligerent giants for some power. Cut out a leafurker, cradlecrush giant, shadow shift, and ash berserker for brotherhood slayer for prophecy count, flexibility, and a lot of game winning combos can be played from hand with 13 magicka, so I always try to keep a contract handy
ON  Deck - #2 Legend September - Small Batch Dagoth1 year ago +5
He laddered with it to number two. So if that specific rank is legend, then yeah i guess



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