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intelligence willpower [LEGEND, HIGH WR] Worship Yagrum Bagarn!
By: Giacomo Filippi...
intelligence willpower [Legend, High WR] Control Mage
By: Giacomo Filippi...
intelligence willpower Clockwork Control Mage!
By: Giacomo Filippi...
intelligence willpower [Legend] Midrange Snack
By: Giacomo Filippi...

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ON  Deck - Dude Spellsword1 year ago +3
Try -3 Javelin +3 Execute if you're having troubles in the first turns vs aggro
ON  Deck - Tokens 80 % winrate, 1st place in the Rumble1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
I am having much suggess by playing Warclaw Mercenary instead of Bruma Profiteer, since in the matches I played life was never a concern: indeed I would have preferred to have some more broken runes to gain cards. I'm actually undefeated (9-0) at rank 5/4, great deck!
ON  Card - Crusader's Assault1 year ago +4
Sometimes I feel like this card is OP... it gives you trade, damage and usually 2 draws for 3 mana!!
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ON  Deck - Blackfall's Support Mage - January 20181 year ago +3
Thanks, I'll try this list, wanna see if it's better than Altar mage :)
ON  News - Patch Note 1.72.41 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
Crusader's Assault needs a nerf as well imo.
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