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In-game name is EatsYourDog, after the cruel Argonian Eats-Your-Dog, who was named after the Orc warrior Brol Gro-Shul, who wandered into a bandit's camp, killed them, and then promptly ate their dog.
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ON  Deck - #LEGEND 238# Control Warrior 83% WR (GUIDE+VIDEO)1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +3
There are eight 7+ cost cards and 2 copies of Soul Tear. Are you sure you're playing the right deck?
Saying "no late game" about a deck that very clearly has a late game strategy kinda reveals that you have no idea how to play this deck.
ON  News - New Expansion Teased, First Card Revealed1 year ago Edited 5 months ago   +7
You thought midrange endurance was good now? That troll is going to make them even stronger.
ON  News - Houses of Morrowind: Card Reveal #21 year ago +3
The removal power of Mage, the wall-building of Spellsword, and the earlygame control of a Sorcerer. A well-built Tribunal will be a powerhouse at all stages of the game.
lonelywulf wrote:
not sure, have you tried it?

Weakness is an excellent card in Control Scout where it combos with a similar number of cards. Instead of Curse, Drain Vitality, Leaflurker, and Shearpoint Dragon you have Rapid Shot, Skaven Pyromancer, Quicksilver Crossbow, Dushnikh Yal Archer, and Cradlecrush Giant. You can also use it to trade a creature with any amount of attack into a creature with any amount of health.

It's a reliable way to achieve high-tempo removal that I feel not enough Scout and Warrior decks are taking advantage of.



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