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intelligence willpower Token Mage
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endurance agility Budget Dragon Ramp Scout
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agility willpower Proactive Control Monk
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endurance agility Budget Dragon Ramp Scout
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intelligence willpower Token Mage (Dwemer Edition)
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ON  Deck - Budget Dragon Ramp Scout1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +4
The hist groves are really critical to the deck as andy said. That said thieves guild recruit is sort of the universal replacement here for any cards you don't own.

Nahagliiv replacing dovah is fine.

The hands you're looking for are basically just the ramp cards. I rarely mulligan any of them, including thorn histmage. The only cards I keep are 1 and 2-drops and ramp cards the large majority of the time (and then only a single 2-drop).
ON  Deck - Budget Dragon Ramp Scout1 year ago +5
The 3 spine of eldersblood are in the alduin precon deck I believe so should be good there.

Scouts report can be thieves guild recruit I suspect, although the 3rd preserver should go fine in that slot too.

For you and anyone else that has the brotherhood expansion I recommend cutting All of the dovah of the voice and some greybeard mentors for eclipse baroness. You also need to include the dark guardians, they can go in either the scouts report or the midnight snack slot depending on whether you feel the snacks have been helping vs aggro decks.
ON  Deck - Budget Dragon Ramp Scout1 year ago +1
Ramp scout has a natural weakness to a lot of styles of aggro that you will never completely solve. That said, word walls and the 3rd giant bat might go a long way toward helping. It's simply a matter of cutting cards that you feel didn't help and adding new ones.

And no, baroness and dark guardian are the 2 important ones from brotherhood. Feel free to experiment with others of course, what is correct is entirely dependent on what types of opponents you're running into most often and I can't help much with that. :P
ON  Deck - Token Mage1 year ago +3
Switching priest of the eight to dawnstar healer is co-incidentally my latest update.
ON  Deck - Fast Archer - Meta Snapshot Edition2 years ago +4
The Blood Dragons aren't necessary at all, I'm one of the few people still defending their inclusion in archer, a lot of very talented people disagree with me. The point stands though that they are at least on the fence for being cut. I recommend swapping them for Jarls if you don't own them or don't like their inclusion.

Although their is a decent chance an updated version of archer should have jarls in it at the moment anyway, sorry I've been really caught up in atromancer decks the past week and don't have a firm grasp on where archer should be right now.



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