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Redoran Aggro - 80% Win Rate
By: FRCP23
endurance agility Ted's Low/No-Craft Shout Scout
By: FRCP23
intelligence willpower Beginner's Mage - from L9 to L7 versus
By: FRCP23
endurance intelligence Use the Heart
By: FRCP23
strength agility Ted's Lowish-Cost Lethal Archer
By: FRCP23

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ok, made it to legend with some other decks, crafted one Skeletal, gave this a try again. 1-4 in first five matches, but stuck with it, and am 18-12 at Legend since, crawling from #1200 to #900 or so, and probably losing a game or three by bad steering. Oddest thing was having a 10-win streak in the middle of it. Still generally getting murdered by Aggro decks.
And Legend in three days, including two when I was traveling and couldn't play very much.
Yes, Leaflurker is a big improvement, though I might prefer MW if I saw more lethal decks. 16-7, jumping from near the top of Rank 3 to a Rank 1 promotion with the deck, including several straight wins now that I've added Leaflurker. Just had a real nice win on Turn 11 against a Battlemage despite being in a big hole with a bad mulligan and down to my last six health. Used a monk strike without swift strike on Turn 10 to take out a heavily itemed creature and give my health breathing room, but was still able to get 14 damage on Turn 11 with a surprise Tazkad delivering the last six.

Wish I had something to take out supports, since it's rare that I can win by turn 7 (though I did beat two Hist Groves in the nick of time against a board of four 8/8s). And there was a loss or two to Gortwog where I could have really used an Arrest card in hand...
Missing 1 Haafinger/Cloudrest/Ahnassi/Dawnbreaker. Replaced with Ungolim (card draw, 1-drop), Penitus Oc Agent, Mecinar's Will, and Sails-Through-Storms. I agree about preferring Baroness to a third Hive Defender.
ON  Deck - [100% Winrate] Ultimate Dragon Telvanni11 months ago +1
0-4 at Rank 3, and only one of those games was close. Deck is far too slow, has no support removal.
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