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strength endurance Pdmd Orcs
By: Pdmd28
agility intelligence Pdmd Item Assassin
By: Pdmd28
endurance intelligence Top5 MidSorc
By: Pdmd28
strength endurance Pdmd MidWarrior
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intelligence willpower Control Mage
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ON  Deck - Pdmd Orcs2 years ago +4
Wood Orc shoud be in your plans but vigilante can replace it if you dont have it

ON  Deck - Pdmd Orcs1 year ago +1
its a bit old but the ideas are the same.
sorry for the late reply I havent been here for a while
ON  Deck - Legend - Modified PauloDiogo Aggro Orcs2 years ago +3
i love you too you dick

ON  Deck - Pdmd Orcs2 years ago +2
Mhmm do people play wispraiders Kappa
For real now its ok if they dont have turn 5/6 ice storm and you can overpower them with a good curve its not a great matchup cause they have a lot of removel that work on early minions like but its not impossible.
I would say its 60/40 wispraiders win most of the time
ON  Deck - Pdmd Orcs2 years ago +1
sorry for the late reply.
yes orcs are good atm the atro nerf didnt affect the matchups vs atro decks at all but the imprison and soul tear help a bit.
they cant imprisson your big minions that easly now they cant go turn 5 imperial reinf. and imprisson for example.
The soul tear nerf was small but it makes ramp weaker to aggro decks so agressive decks like orcs are happy to see the nerf.



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