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intelligence willpower Budget Mage Aggro
By: Surilan
agility willpower One Cost Chanter
By: Surilan

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ON  Deck - Chanter V4.02 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +3
It would seem Rytis Petrova, 2 comments above yours, gave some constructive feedback for you already. Fewer actions, more creatures, and a stronger late-game plan than just Ancano. Start there, and iterate, iterate, iterate. Best of luck!
ON  Deck - One Cost Chanter2 years ago +1
Nice deck. Presently rampaging through the low end of the ladder with it.
ON  Deck - Battlemage11 months ago 0
This deck feels like it wants some Daggerfall Mage. Lesser Ward & Elixir of Deflection give out wards already & it provides a nice removal magnet to bait out kill spells otherwise pointed at your more aggressive creatures.
ON  Deck - %70WR - Guildsworn Champion Conscription2 months ago 0
Good all-around deck! Performs well on the ladder, works great vs. AI, and I look forward to using it in the next story expansion. Only objection to the deck is that it feels difficult to retake a lost lane, especially against a strong aggro start.
ON  Deck - Galerion the Mystic2 months ago 0
Fun deck. First go, stablized at 4 vs. Telvanni Control/Reanimator. Then gained 20 life off Incunabulas & rode Odahviing to victory.
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