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Aggro Hlaalu
By: WantSumSkooma
By: WantSumSkooma
strength agility Wild Love, Raging ,Raging
By: WantSumSkooma
agility intelligence Hex 2.0
By: WantSumSkooma
agility intelligence random mid ass
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ON  Deck - Breakthrough Rallying 1 year ago +1
Well you can rot at rank 12 then Kappa
ON  Deck - Rampageoran7 months ago +1
From last month up until the start of this season when I kinda stopped playing it it was 33-16, around 67%. I have been swapping a few cards here and there last month but no big changes.
ON  Deck - Deadshot Archer6 months ago +1
you are much better off with multiple copies of cards instead of being semi-singleton deck. It hurts your deck plan and your consistency, no doubt it can perform well of course but it will tougher higher up in the ranks. There are some bad cards in there, for example murkwater shaman, you can identify which cards you don't need and remove them. From what I can tell you are floating between lethal, move and finish off, I think you can focus on one or even two of them. I can happilly discuss this further if you also like to.
ON  Deck - Deadshot Archer6 months ago 0
semi-singleton means that you run too many 1-ofs, this hurts your consistency. Maybe shaman is not bad and I am being harsh, but he is certainly not good and in your case if you want to go as far as shaman you should at least go for 3 leaf lurkers and 3 finish offs. Cards like caravan enforcer and bandari bruiser are more on the aggresive side while racketeer, twin lamps and drain blood, viper, shaman are mostly mid to control. I would recommend you consider the skulk package, with 3 skulks and 3 curses, meaning move in shadows must go. Also goldbrand makes no sense whatsoever, it's too slow even for control. You can replace some of these cards with others like rapid shot which helps your plan too,astrid, thieves guild for draw over sightless skulk everytime, maybe even cradle crush if you want. As you said you can remove those cards, although shadow shift is pretty decent outside of move too, I'd recommend keeping it since you play gambits and such. I am really not sure about jarl either, I mean you have plenty of draw and you have 3 drains which usually don't survive to drain but anyway, if he triggers depends on how aggressive you are and I haven't really udnerstood how aggresive you play this deck.



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