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endurance agility Ramp/Slay Scout (40 max magicka)
By: tehswordninja
Test Dragon Deck
By: tehswordninja
Ultimate Slay/Ramp Scout
By: tehswordninja
Token Empire
By: tehswordninja

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ON  Card - Mudcrab Merchant1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +6
Deadass this might actually be a pretty decent card. A bit RNG though, and could potentially screw you over. But hey, that's just business, for a mudcrab. I guess?
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ON  Card - Garnag, Dark Adherent1 year ago +4
Only downside is that he's unique. A very good card at shutting down ramp/combo decks as well as limiting your opponent's options. Might hurt you though if you don't have an established board.
ON  Card - Merric-at-Aswala1 year ago +3
I had him give himself a dragon priest mask. I also had a gardener of swords on the field. Extremely effective.
ON  News - Houses of Morrowind: Card Reveal #31 year ago +1
Sick card for a werewolf deck. Either a solid charge creature or a 12/12 guard for 9 cost, which isn't half bad!
ON  Card - Ungolim the Listener1 year ago +1
Managed to get nine Assasssins into my deck, and I could have easily gotten more if I hadn't filled my board with useful creatures.

So damn good in a scout deck. So good in general.



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