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endurance agility Ramp/Slay Scout (40 max magicka)
By: tehswordninja
Test Dragon Deck
By: tehswordninja
Ultimate Slay/Ramp Scout
By: tehswordninja

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ON  Card - Mudcrab Merchant1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +6
Deadass this might actually be a pretty decent card. A bit RNG though, and could potentially screw you over. But hey, that's just business, for a mudcrab. I guess?
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ON  News - Houses of Morrowind: Card Reveal #31 year ago +1
Sick card for a werewolf deck. Either a solid charge creature or a 12/12 guard for 9 cost, which isn't half bad!
ON  Card - Ungolim the Listener1 year ago +1
Managed to get nine Assasssins into my deck, and I could have easily gotten more if I hadn't filled my board with useful creatures.

So damn good in a scout deck. So good in general.
ON  Card - Falling Wizard1 year ago +1
This has the potential to be quite good. Plenty of ways to save the poor fellow from falling tragically. Provided he lives til the next turn you can attack with him, that's 5 damage done to something for 2 cost. And then you get a pretty neat spell when he dies.
ON  Card - Garnag, Dark Adherent1 year ago +2
Only downside is that he's unique. A very good card at shutting down ramp/combo decks as well as limiting your opponent's options. Might hurt you though if you don't have an established board.



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