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endurance agility [Mantikora] Shout Scout
By: CRyanReed
Temple Midgro
By: CRyanReed
neutral Dwemer Tribal (theory deck)
By: CRyanReed
Dagoth's Might
By: CRyanReed
Hlaalu Schemes
By: CRyanReed

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ON  Deck - [Top 30 Legend] Aggro Prophecy Battlemage1 month ago +1
The deck can be upgraded with newer cards but is still viable early in the season when the ladder skews aggro for fast climbs. You'll get there if you haven't already!
ON  Deck - [Top 30 Legend] Aggro Prophecy Battlemage8 months ago +1
Using this Nine months after posted (Mantikora Nerf) and it's killing on ladder. 75% out of 28 games in the last week. Definitely the first deck that a new f2p should build. Cheap and effective in every meta.
ON  Deck - Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.5 months ago +2
With the resurgence of warrior decks in the mud crab patch, have you considered updating your list and seeing what it can do?
ON  Deck - Boost Swarm1 year ago +2
Having great success, thank you so much! Using "imprison" in place of the "cast into time" until I get the 1500g. Any one else without that set can do likewise with little issue for at least half the ranks. Deck is easily able to make "imprison" a removal even when coming back from behind.
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ON  Deck - BS Assassin (Blood Sacrament Assassin) 10 months ago +3
Currently at 78% on ladder with this deck (no changes) out of 18 games. The deck can definitely be explosive with the biggest swing I had coming on turn 9 with 3 blood sacraments and a lucky hexmage that stuck in the shadow lane. Last sacrament sacked the hexmage making for 22 damage in one go (not including any attacks). This is definitely not the norm for the deck. Like op said get them down to 10-16 and contracts/curses can easily finish it off.



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