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willpower strength Red Deck Wins (Morrowind)
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Doomcrag Conscripts
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Anti-Aggro Redoran
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ON  Card - Crusader's Assault1 year ago +1
I'm having the same problem. Report the bug here and hopefully it'll be fixed soon:
ON  Thread - Sparkypants update10 months ago Edited 10 months ago   +1
Cool your jets, boomer. I don't consider this to be a free game, because I've sunk about $200 into it over the year or more that I've been playing it. I spend money on things that I enjoy and for Bethesda / Sparkypants to shit the bed with this new client feels about as bad as it does in any other TCG when the R&D department decides to ban your favorite deck that you paid good money for... except in this case it feels more like that same R&D department decided to confiscate your entire card collection instead. I guess I'll be going back to playing MTG in paper again.
ON  Deck - Post Morrowind Mid Sorcerer1 year ago +1
I'm not a hardcore ladder grinder, but I managed to hit Rank 5 last night with a decent win streak using this exact list. Sixth House Amulet performed way better than I thought it would. Most of the greedy decks I faced didn't have an answer for a 5/5 Mammoth with ward on turn 3!
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After testing the deck out against a couple control lists I found that even getting back only a Mages Guild Recruit, Daggerfall Mage and a Dushnikh Yal Archer was more than enough value I needed to win the game. Journey is much better in this list than I expected it to be.
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ON  Deck - Therana OTK by EysPofessor1 year ago 0
How consistent is this deck in your experience? I know it will probably get completely smashed by Aggro, but how has it faired against the onslaught of control decks on the ladder?



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