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willpower strength Red Deck Wins (Morrowind)
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ON  Thread - Sparkypants update8 months ago Edited 8 months ago   +1
Cool your jets, boomer. I don't consider this to be a free game, because I've sunk about $200 into it over the year or more that I've been playing it. I spend money on things that I enjoy and for Bethesda / Sparkypants to shit the bed with this new client feels about as bad as it does in any other TCG when the R&D department decides to ban your favorite deck that you paid good money for... except in this case it feels more like that same R&D department decided to confiscate your entire card collection instead. I guess I'll be going back to playing MTG in paper again.
ON  Deck - Post Morrowind Mid Sorcerer1 year ago +1
I'm not a hardcore ladder grinder, but I managed to hit Rank 5 last night with a decent win streak using this exact list. Sixth House Amulet performed way better than I thought it would. Most of the greedy decks I faced didn't have an answer for a 5/5 Mammoth with ward on turn 3!
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After testing the deck out against a couple control lists I found that even getting back only a Mages Guild Recruit, Daggerfall Mage and a Dushnikh Yal Archer was more than enough value I needed to win the game. Journey is much better in this list than I expected it to be.
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ON  Deck - Therana OTK by EysPofessor1 year ago 0
How consistent is this deck in your experience? I know it will probably get completely smashed by Aggro, but how has it faired against the onslaught of control decks on the ladder?
What role does Journey to Sovngarde play in this deck?
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