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strength agility Goblin's Gambit
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endurance agility Spoder Town
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ON  Deck - Goblin's Gambit2 years ago +3
Yeah, the deck isn't really like the description says. It's more about carefully determining what your opponent is playing and switching styles accordingly.

If it's tokens, you trade EVERYTHING until you have control.

Same kinda goes vs BM's, you can't ahdnle their prophecies and you do have some guards and they ahrdly ever remove anything so you get 100% trade value and tend to get him down to 1 card when you're around 10 health and try to setup like 21 dmg for a kill in 1 turn

If it's vs Midrange you try to hold the Field Lane until Wards kick you out, you often need a Murkwater Witch for that and trying to move around for maximum value/face dmg. Vs Control..

Well, control should beat you, that's what they are supposed to do.

Vs Ramp, just go face and don't give away free trades but you can ignore your opponent more and enjoy 0 prophecies. They barely ever have decent guards early so you can find big guys like Savage, Ally or Skirmisher to jsut demolish a guard when it finally shows up and you walk to victory unless he drew cards that allowed him to card LVL 3 drain Vitality
ON  Deck - Goblin's Gambit1 year ago +2
How dare you stray away from the 100% Green!!! XD

Good to see you having a lot of fun with it. I can get behind not liking the Shamans, they're smaller than the other stuff so that kinda sucks, but the Curses allow your 4 atk creatures to deal with 5 HP guards like Histmages fairly easely! Tazkad is another 1 of those questionable ones where it's only useful in a game that took to long, but man am I glad I can draw him as an out.

Deepwood Trappers in this deck we're prolly the biggest experiment next to the Gloomlurkers. Now yous ee it sometimes in Green Agro, but when it was first released people didn't really know what to do with it and prior to their inclusion they were Cutpurses, and as you've noticed, often just don't feel quite right. But the ability to save your creatures from all those pesky 2 atk creatures is really nice. I like your inclusion of Pets for the same reason as well because of that. Gloomlurkers at first we're only included to have more Prophecies, cuz 9 prophecies is somewhat of an unwritten norm. But the more I played with it the more it became: 'God damn, my opponent can't do anything cuz of that bonus cover!'. Haha.

On the Matrons though, I ended up putting those in there not because I was hoping for something GOOD, but ANYTHING. Just running out of cards kinda sucks and there aren't many Green cards that can give you a card for good stats on the creature itself on low amounts of Magicka, so it kinda fit. Sometimes I'm even rooting to get the 1 mana Mudcrab just do I can play all my mana for more pressure and the times you get a Cliffracer it's just amazing!.

Don't worry about having your Skulks draw nothing though, cuz if that's the case you're probably already winnning and I'd say you're better off having a 100% chance to get a Sad Goblin over a Curse for how this deck plays.

All in all, your version can protect it's threats better and we each have diffirent plays to get though guards effectively, I'd say that's some fine tuning for your playstyle. :D

Good luck out there
ON  Deck - Goblin's Gambit2 years ago +2
Then this decks job is done, it was meant to climb in Midrange+Ramp meta and now the meta is shifting to deal with proper agro :D
ON  Deck - Spoder Town D1 year ago +1
Flesh Atro version WutFace, I remember the times I got killed by my own Flesh due to Miraak NotLikeThis. Good to hear you're choosing Spoders over Ramp though :D
ON  Deck - Spoder Town D2 years ago +5
Haha, have fun with it :D



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