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New player, high level because I played a lot a long time ago but never really took the game too seriously.

I have a lot to learn but I still mostly just play for fun!
"If you want the world to be a better place start by showing them what that means."

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ON  Card - Sorcerer's Negation1 year ago +2
Firebolt = 1 magicka for 2 damage
Silence = 0 magicaka for silence
1 magicka to put both effects into one card = win
ON  Card - Aundae Clan Sorcerer1 year ago +1
Comboing this card with things like Dark Rebirth, Soul Split, and last breath cards can lead to some very powerful combination plays that lead into blood magic spells.
ON  Card - Brutal Ashlander1 year ago +1
This is arguably one of the best 1 magicka drops in the game. Combine it with Firebloom, Soul Split or any betray effect and you have three free damage on top of everything else.
ON  Card - Temple Conjurer1 year ago +3
If you exalted the card when you cast it then any "resummon" effect will resummon it as an exalted creature.

If you did not exalt the card when you cast it then any "resummon" effect will resummon it without the exalted effect and you are not given a choice to exalt it.
ON  Card - Sower of Revenge1 year ago 0
A very powerful card to be sure but there are answers for it. I don't think it's too powerful but it is definitely strong enough that if you're against a Warrior or any deck with red/purple in it, expect to see this card and prepare to deal with it.



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