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endurance agility Scout Token Market
By: Mister_H
endurance agility Scout Market v2
By: Mister_H
agility intelligence Singleton Assassin
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intelligence willpower New support mage
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ON  Deck - Scout Token Market1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
The Archer version can definitely be insane, when it works. I just wanted to give a shot at a Scout version to try to make Market more consistent. I felt that too often this type of decks ends up dying without drawing a single Market, or your opponent will just play a few big Drains or Vivec and there is nothing you can do. With purple you have Suppress, which has so many uses, including offensively removing a Guard to add more damage; Indoril and Scout's Report obviously help; and Tree Minder is the latest card I added and it helped considerably since it allows you to draw faster and go to murder phase earlier.

Aggro decks will murder you only if you cannot draw Market. Even one is often enough, as you can heal + Curse, Paralyze, Suppress. And of course if you face Hlaalu your creatures are often 100% committed to trade.

Smuggler's Haul is insane as long as you don't get too greedy for it. I discard it more than I draw it, and this list allows you to do that easily, but it often gave me the game.

On ladder, well I'm only rank 4 so I can't judge about its efficiency too much. Since I added Tree Minder, I had 3 wins out of 7 games on rank 4 with this list and two of these defeats were my fault (bad order with Bushwhack). I wouldn't advise you to use it if you want to grind the ladder though, there are much more efficient (and boring ;-P) lists for that, this one is more of a fun deck.
ON  Deck - Scout Token Market1 year ago 0
Thanks for the feedback! :-) Well it is true that if you are unlucky and draw too many 0-cost or get no Market whatsoever then you're dead. But even if it arrives after drawing 20 cards it's not too bad. I actually have more trouble against Control than Aggro because of support removal.



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