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Addicted to TES games (with the exception of TESO) since Daggerfall. I used to play Magic, L5R, hearthstone (and some others, can't remeber the names). I'm French and my english is kind of approximate.
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ON  Deck - Blackfall's Tribunal Control - April 20181 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
I do not have most of the legendary cards, i tried a version with replacements (Galyn the shelterer, Ancano, Divaith fyr, dopplegangers , ulfric's uprising..) it made a really good job. Thank you for the tips.
EDIT : i get some missing cards, now my deck is much more closer to yours, well it seems i cant loose now (rank 8, will be another job to get to rank 5 or better).
A third of these cards have a summon ability, what about 1 or 2 ulfric uprising?
seems a good job i will try your deck, (i just need 4 cards for 3200 soulgems, i wont purchase these for now).
ON  Deck - Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.1 year ago +1
Still good against morrowind updated decks, but need a update to be as badass as it was. I tried and failed at this, i'm confident in the fact you could.
ON  Deck - Pdmd Orcs1 year ago +2
Quite impressive, i dont have gortwog and i dont have headhunters, still the deck is really good and fun. Do you have any tips to play this out, i play on ranks 9 to 6 (i was really near rank 5 2 months ago) and i almost lost my second game with this deck on rank 9. I think i don't play it in the best ways. Thank you for this jewel of a deck.
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ON  Card - Daggerfall Mage1 year ago +2
Most good decks with blue have 3 of these cards, an absolute must have it seems, and i don't have any :'(



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